Sunday 11 December 2011

ASM58 (Asus Mozart-2) Linux 3.0 kernel patch

Hi everyone, long time since last post...

Well I have been doing some autumn cleaning and discovered my home server did not have sensors installed. Upon discovering it has a barely supported chipset, that does get detected by the sensors-detect script, but there is actually no driver included.

The sensor is found on the following Asus mainboards:
  • P4B533-VM
  • P4S333 (in conjunction with another asus chip?)
  • P4S333-VM
  • Terminator P4
I have googled a bit and (All raise hands and give praise to the GNU) discovered that somenoe - namely Michael Lo├čin has once upon a time written the driver code for linux kernel 2.6.x tree. And he deserves the gratitude for the work he put in. I have only modified his code, so that it compiles cleanely and works on the Linux kernel 3.0 tree.

The patch is available here.

Works like a charm with lm_sensors - here is the output:

Adapter: SiS96x SMBus adapter at 0xe600
in0: +1.79 V
in1: +3.41 V
in2: +3.02 V
in3: +3.12 V
fan1: 2393 RPM
fan2: 1125 RPM
temp1: +42.0°C
temp2: +56.0°C

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