Friday 23 November 2007

Time flies (faster) when you think you have some to spare ...

I wonder if this is just me, but whenever I think I have plenty of time to do something (most likely something I like) I always get bashed with different tasks that (if nothing else) steal the time for themselves.

So this week I thought well 7 days of not much to do, great I'll do some Photoshop lessons or take some pictures outside... well guess what... I am coding something I don't care much about and somehow can't figure out the simplest principles (I must be getting senile at my "young" age).

But on the other hand it will get me a couple hundred € closer to a new SLR I've been akin' to get my grabby little hands on...

So... what was I rambling about again?

Wednesday 21 November 2007

Night time movement

The picture below was taken with my cheap pseudo SLR camera that only has 4s of max. exposition time. So the thing is I had to take multiple pictures and layer them one over another and merge them together. To create the effect you see on the image I used one of the filters that creates a bit of a painting effect. I quite like it this way, looks like it was done during daytime almost.

I would like to encourage you to write comments about the picture, since I really would like to learn and improve my photography skills.

Tuesday 20 November 2007

The intro

Hey there, my first entry on blogger.
I have allways said that people who write blogs have too much time on their hands. Well guess what... I have too much time right now (and for the following 5 minutes too), so I'm writing this blog.
I will most likely write about tech stuff, computers, gadgets, photography (that I'm taking up right now) and other items of my general rambling agenda.

I hope you find something interesting or at least borderline entertaining here (not likely).

Have a hoot!