Sunday 11 December 2011

ASM58 (Asus Mozart-2) Linux 3.0 kernel patch

Hi everyone, long time since last post...

Well I have been doing some autumn cleaning and discovered my home server did not have sensors installed. Upon discovering it has a barely supported chipset, that does get detected by the sensors-detect script, but there is actually no driver included.

The sensor is found on the following Asus mainboards:
  • P4B533-VM
  • P4S333 (in conjunction with another asus chip?)
  • P4S333-VM
  • Terminator P4
I have googled a bit and (All raise hands and give praise to the GNU) discovered that somenoe - namely Michael Lo├čin has once upon a time written the driver code for linux kernel 2.6.x tree. And he deserves the gratitude for the work he put in. I have only modified his code, so that it compiles cleanely and works on the Linux kernel 3.0 tree.

The patch is available here.

Works like a charm with lm_sensors - here is the output:

Adapter: SiS96x SMBus adapter at 0xe600
in0: +1.79 V
in1: +3.41 V
in2: +3.02 V
in3: +3.12 V
fan1: 2393 RPM
fan2: 1125 RPM
temp1: +42.0°C
temp2: +56.0°C

Please post a comment if you find it usefull

Saturday 12 March 2011

Depth of Field calculator for Nokia n900

Well I changed my phone a while ago and have recently needed the Depth of field calculator and it was not there. So I wrote one... I have already written a similar one in Python for S60, so the logic remains the same, I just had to redo the GUI part, which uses Python with GTK and Hildon modules.
This is the screenshot of the results window:
Python Depth of Field calculator on Nokia N900

The old post (which contains the apps for Symbian S60 Python is available here

The web site where you can download the files is here

If you find it useful or if you find any bugs, please drop me a note.

Monday 21 February 2011

Heey greetings from MaStory on my Nokia N900

I discovered a blogger client for maemo, which enables me to add news to my blog and also takes care of adding the media.

I loooove it!
(This is what it looks like editing the entr on the phone)

Sunday 20 February 2011

Perl script to convert n900 pwsafe export into KeePassX XML

I wanted to have an option of exporting data from pwsafe on my Nokia n900, so I wrote this script. All you have to do is export the file on N900. Transfer it as securely as possible to your computer and run the script

./ < PWsafe_n900_txt_output_file > out_keepassx.xml

The script can be downloaded here.

Drop me a comment if you like it or if you have any comment of how to improve it further.