Tuesday 28 September 2010

Trip to Singapore, Bali and Gili islands (Lombok)

Hey, long time no write ;)

Had a great thing happen in my life while I was away (from the blog). I got married ;)

And the lovely wife and I went for a nice trip to the aforementioned locations (Singapore, Bali and Gili islands).

I got my hands on a nice tough (2m shock-proof) and waterproof (10m) compact camera - an Olympus μ TOUGH-8010 . And we have taken quite some underwater photos of the Bali islands reef snorkeling. It really is a _verry_ automatic camera (verry little manual options present - apart for preset shooting profiles), but makes quite nice underwater photos.

The rest of the pictures I took with my trusty Olympus E510 with ownusers grip.

Here are the photos from the trip - if you like them do comment:

The weather was quite gloomy, it's not the cameras fault for the lack of light ;)

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