Monday 24 December 2007

New backpack for SLR photo + laptop


I am thinking of buying a new backpack. Not that I don't have a couple already and not that they did not cost enough, but they are both mostly biking/hiking related and don't really serve well for storing a SLR camera and enable you to use it. So I would now need one that would suite carrying both the SLR camera + couple of lenses and a laptop of up to 17" in size.

I have picked out two models that I like (and are in the price range I consider high but might get approved by the higher power). The Lowepro CompuRover AW or Tamrac Adventure 9. The first one seems to cost a bit more than the second but seems sturdier in build. 189$ US VS 124$ US (online price check), but in EU the prices differ a bit... the first costs roughly 168€ and the second 130€. That's some difference ;) I haven't handled the Lowepro one in person but I have seen the Tamrac model, and it looks quite nice (better than the pictures display it - looks soft and weak).

Hmm after just reading a review on this page I am suddenly not interested in Lowepro backpack anymore ;)

So I guess when the "higher power" ok's it I'll be getting a Tamrac Adventure 9 ;)

Oh and here are some of the pictures I took with the new photo (the one that now needs a fine new storage - hence the post searching for a new backpack).

And of course I wish you all a very nice and peaceful Christmas (or insert a holiday you celebrate around this date)!

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